“I prayed hard for that man; I can’t let her steal him from me” – Side chick laments over sudden closeness between her man and ex-wife

A lady who had been a side chick for seven years has lamented over the sudden proximity of her newly acquired man and his ex-wife.

Side chick husband wife steal The embattled lady took to a public forum to seek advice from social media users regarding her problem which has left her uncertain on how to proceed.

According to her, she had been a mistress to her man for seven years while he was married.

She had prayed fervently, day and night, for him to leave his wife and marry her.

Luckily for her, the man divorced his wife and now they’re a thing; but the man is still in contact with his ex-wife because their kid is always sick.

The narrator fears that the man’s ex-wife is stylishly trying to steal back her husband.

See her full narration below:

“Please hide me. I was a side chick for about 7 years. I prayed hard for that man to leave his wife and marry me. Eventually God listened and my man divorced her and married me. My problem now is the child he has with his ex wife is always sick, so my husband spends most his time at the hospital with his ex wife. I tried to understand but I can’t anymore. I think the ex will try to use their child’s health to steal my husband. Please advise me. I don’t want to lose my man.”

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