I Prayed, Fasted For 90 Days And A Spirit Told Me To Jump Off The Cliff – Singer Chidinma Ekile

Sensational Nigerian artist now turned gospel musician Chidinma Ekile has recounted how she switched from singing worldly songs to gospel songs.
Chidinma Ekile used to sing more about love, relationship, and many other songs. until she switched to doing only gospel songs. Chidinma Ekile in a new interview has disclosed how she switched to doing gospel.

Chidinma Ekile recounted her transitions from her other world into her new world. She disclosed in an interview with The Punch, she disclosed that she went on a three months retreat, prayed, and fasted on the mountain top in order to hear from God.

“The whole journey wasn’t easy, while on the retreat, it was a lot of work, at some point, I was tired and wanted to run away, it was overwhelming…The spiritual exercise made me know it was time because I didn’t want to do it without God.

“I didn’t have a phone with me at that period, I will go up to the mountain top praying and at one of those times I got tired and started hearing voices and the one that was clear to me at the time was the one that told me to jump off the cliff in the middle of the night, I moved closer and closer to the cliff, I thought I was going to jump but there was something holding me back….I already stretched out my arms to jump, but I then felt a barricade which naturally wasn’t there…these were some of the encounters that made me know it was time”.

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