“I owe him that much”-Comedian, Seyi Law Apologizes to Noble Igwe And The Igbos

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has issued a public apology to Noble Igwe, a media figure, after pledging to beat him up.

Comedian Seyi Law Issues Public Apology to Noble Igwe and Igbos.

"I owe him that much"-Comedian, Seyi Law Apologizes to Noble Igwe And The Igbos

During an interview, Seyi Law promised to beat up Noble Igwe everytime he saw him and would never forgive him unless he apologized to his wife.

He went on to say that during the 2023 general elections, the media celebrity put a post with his wife’s name on it, which received unjustified criticism.

Meanwhile, Seyi Law just tweeted that he spoke with Noble Igwe and really respects his efforts for his people.

He said that he apologized to him for any tweets that he found degrading towards the Igbos. Seyi Law also thanked him for being an amazing person and for reaching out to his wife.

His tweeted: “I spoke with my brother, Noble Igwe @Nobsdaslushhkid, and he has my utmost respect for his responsibility to his people, and I personally tendered my apology to him for any of my tweets that he found distasteful towards the IGBOS.

I have since desist from interfering with the IGBOS, their politics and historical perspectives no matter my reservations. For the sake of Noble’s humility and my understanding of his perspective, I tender an UNRESERVED APOLOGY to the IGBOS and will keep away from their politics, history, culture and tradition. I owe him that much for also reaching out to my wife. Thank you, @Nobsdaslushhkid for being the amazing person you are. You have my respect always. God bless you.”

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