“I no understand, the agbada Get wings ?” — Reactions as Abuja fashion designer shows off N700k fancy Agbada

Many internet users are taken aback when a fashion designer shows off his fancy Agbada, which cost about N700,000.

He posted a brief advertising on his Instagram feed, @wamballclothing.

The fashion designer noted that it was an appropriate costume for the Eid festival, which occurred just after the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

When faced with the expensive cost of the Agbada, the fashion designer stated it was fairly affordable because Abuja men spent much more for premium clothing.

See the post below.

Some reactions to the post here

@Eitan_Feival asked: “Na Bulletproof material dem use sew am”

@mikeoriv stated: “I no understand, the agbada Get wings ?”

@muhdibraheem noted: “People are just talking any how, did you know the kind of material that was used for the agbada, some materials are 100k per yard, if you can’t buy it just pray for him. ALLAH Ya Kawo Kasuwa.”

@Badboyyank said: “I guess your target audience is politicians, right. ?”

@iyksarkinruwa commented: “Unfortunately, I don’t like the colour, if not….😎”

@EmekaNjidda wrote: “You mistakenly added an extra zero.”

@Orunmilaa_ reacted: “This one na alagbaba ina 😂”

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