“I never got the HIV via intercourse, I’m still a virgin” – Ailing fan reacts to Bobrisky’s allegations (Video)

Ailing fan who contracted HIV while tattooing Bobrisky’s name on his body has reacted after the crossdresser alleged he got the virus from sxxual intercourse.

The fan identified as Lordcasted had earlier called on the socialite for financial support after allegedly contracting HIV while tattooing his name.

Bobrisky had blasted the young man, spilling that he hadn’t gotten the virus from tattooing his name but by sleeping about.

In reaction to this, Lordcasted revealed that the crossdresser had given him only 50,000 naira and not 500,000 naira.

He added that contrary to what Bobrisky said, he is still a 25-year-old virgin; he insisted he got the virus while tattooing his name.

Watch him speak below:


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