“I never considered leaving Milan”

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao has stated that he never considered leaving the club despite recent rumors linking him to other clubs.

Leao has been linked with Chelsea, PSG, and Newcastle United. In a recent interview, as revealed by Football Italia, the player expressed his commitment to Milan and his gratitude for the support he has received from the club.

Speaking about his upcoming book launch and his life, Leao shared insights into his humble upbringing and his career so far.

“I like to smile and respond to people with optimism, that is how I approach life.” Leao said, while discussing his experiences playing football in the streets of Portugal and the impact of his transfer to Milan from Lille in 2019.

"I never considered leaving Milan" - Rafael Leao insists, amidst transfer rumours
Rafael Leao – Getty image

On his time at Milan, Leao praised the influence of club legends such as Paolo Maldini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He expressed his appreciation for Maldini’s guidance and described Ibrahimovic as an incredible motivator.

Regarding Milan’s recent struggles and incidents of racism, the player recalled the event with his team’s goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, who faced racist abuse during a match against Udinese recently.

He stated the need to continue the fight against racism in football, while also acknowledging that eradicating it entirely might never be possible.

“He (Maignan) was annoyed, and he didn’t want to play, as it is not the first time this has happened, but we stayed by his side.

“It is sad for him and all black players, we have to fight racism every day and we thank Milan for all they did.

“We must fight. Unfortunately, I doubt racism will ever be completely eradicated, but we still have to fight,” he added.

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