“I must take permission from my in-laws before going out”

A married lady has taken to social media to share her experience of living with her husband in his family house.

The video, which quickly gained traction on social media, features a lady detailing her living conditions and the challenges she faces while residing in a single-room space with her husband, alongside her in-laws.

In the footage, the lady is seen participating in the popular “of course” challenge, wherein she shares personal experiences.

"I must take permission from my in-laws before going out" - Lady living with husband in his family home shares her experience

The lady highlights the cramped living conditions, stressing the shortage of space to store essentials.

She went on to reveal that the top of the cupboard is overloaded with belongings due to a lack of room.

The lady discloses that she must notify her mother-in-law and father-in-law whenever she ventures outside, providing details of her destination and the individuals she plans to meet.

Furthermore, she sheds light on the shared bathroom facilities. The video has sparked a flurry of reactions online.

Netizens Reactions…

Saviour Eyo said; “God forbid..”

Brojays said; “My Brother all fingers are not equal, they may be saving for a brighter future… what matters is their happiness…. for her to be making this video and not a crying video, let’s encourage her.”

Martha said; “The realest expression I have seen so far. May God answer her secret.”

Aina Christaina said; “God abeg ooo00 U as a guy if u can’t afford to rent ur own apartment marriage is not for u When am not stupid, why will I date a guy staying with is parents Am very sure the lady will see shege .”

Oluwaseun Adebayo said; “It’s good, so that when you are doing d dooo with your husband, your in laws will be praying for you make e turn to pregnancy, even your small in laws go dey peep sometimes to know how far, it’s good for u sha, but wait o hope you are not laughing at them.”

Nwite Jasmine Abosede said; “This girt no get problem I swear she’s an easy going person and the hubby parents don’t have much problem too May the lord bless and Favour your home.”

Alex Ruth Osaginde said; “What matters is that you are happy wherever you are. Any other thing any one thinks is irrelevant.”

Prince Adebowale Lateef Ajumobi said; “Nah for short time, everything will be alright. May God bless you and your husband to have the kind of life you desire.”

Abdulwahab Maryam Jokegold said; “Husband dey wash your clothes in the presence of his parents, that shows you are loved and in deed have a good man from a good family. Happy woman…may God bless him soon so you all will enjoy the best of life.”

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