“I Miss Samidoh” Karen Nyamu Says As Her Lover Enjoys Life With Wife Edday Nderitu

“Ta Ngui. I miss him like crazy, nangoja ni travel uko soon nione vile mtasema!” Karen Nyamu says.

Karen Nyamu has stirred netizens with a cryptic post that set tongues wagging. Nyamu shared a captivating photo on her Facebook page accompanied by a thought-provoking caption, “The world will always fall in love with a stubborn heart.” As Samidoh spends another week in US with her kids and estranged wife Edday.

Her post swiftly became a focal point for discussion as followers flooded her timeline with all sorts of opinions.

Some lauded Nyamu for her bold and confident, while others probed into the motives behind her mysterious caption.

One particular comment caught her attention, urging her to stay in Kenya and wait for Samidoh to return rather than follow his to the US like she did it Dubai, where things turned ugly.

Nyamu’s response was quick. She dismissed the concerns, saying she could travel to Boston to see what critics will say.

Amidst the online banter, a follower said she knows that she’s missing Samidoh, to which Nyamu responded.

She admitted to missing him so much, “Ta Ngui” (like a dog), which is a common way to express it in Kikuyu language.

Undeterred, one admirer decided to seize the moment, suggesting that Nyamu needed a man like him in her life.

With humor, Nyamu playfully shut down the proposition, affirming her contentment with her current partner, Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu

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