I have six children for different men in different countries, I want a man for marriage

A single mother of six children has openly pleaded with the public about her search for a man to tie the knot with.

She revealed in her post that four of her children are from four different Nigerian men while the remaining two are from different men based in France.

However, she reiterated that she wants to get married again and is currently searching for a man who would love her the way she is.

She added that, whenever she mentions her plans to get married, people laugh at her.

She wrote:

β€œI have four children for different men in Nigeria 24 different men in France people are laughing at me.

β€œI’m looking for husband pray for me to see the right man I want to marry people laugh at me call me first class single mum I want to marry I’m too young to be single mom no husband”

Watch the video below:

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