“I Have Only One Wife” Butita Declares After Being Dragged Into Mammito’s Mess

Comedian Butita has denied claims of being involved with his ex-girlfriend Mammito Eunice.

Butita has been forced to make the clarification after being tagged widely with Mammito, who found herself on the wrong side with Kenyans after making a joke out of the death sentence that Jowie Irungu was handed, for the murder of Monica Kimani.

Many called upon him to go and take his wife Mammito back as others pictured his reaction after hearing that Mammito was in trouble.

In a tweet, Butita however demanded Kenyans to stop dragging him in the matter. He also shared an old video of Mwai Kibaki, where he was forced to publicly deny claims of having a second wife.

“I have wanted you to hold dear and permanent in  your heart. You know, and I know and everybody else knows that I am married , I have only one wife and everyone in Kenya knows it but the media keeps repeating about my having another wife or wives.

“I want to make it very clear that I have only one dear wife Lucy who is here and I do not have any other and any body who knows me and knows my family and knows how I live they know that I have only one wife,” Kibaki said in the video that was recorded in 2009.

“Let it be known, wacheni kuniingiza kwa hio story,” Butita further insisted while captioning the video.


Butita’s confirmation of having a wife however comes just days after his rumored girlfriend Sadia confirmed that they are dating and that they love each other so much.

The model said that they don’t live under the same room. She was also reluctant to reveal when their romance began.

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