“I have disowned you” – Lizzy Gold tells Destiny Etiko over video with Sharon Francis, she reacts

Widely-watched actress, Lizzy Gold jokingly queried her colleague, Destiny Etiko over her new bestie.

It all ensued after Destiny Etiko took to her Instagram page to share a heartwarming video of the moment she reunited with Sharon Francis, while referring to her as her best friend.

Lizzy Gold, who is also best friends with Destiny Etiko, obviously didn’t find the use of β€˜bestie’ for Sharon Francis amusing and subsequently took to the comment section to vent.

A β€˜jealous’ Lizzy quizzed Destiny on the number of best friends she has.

She wrote:

β€œWhat is going on here?? Hello @destinyetikoofficial. How many best friends do you have?? You are disowned from today… @sharonfrancis01 I will whoop your ass”.

In response, Destiny Etiko affirmed that Sharon has always been her best friend while reiterating her love for Lizzy Gold too.

β€œBaby u know I love u so much na but @sharonfrancis01 has been my bestie. Pls don’t disown me o,” Dramadoll wrote.

See their exchange below:

Also, watch the video as you scroll:

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