I hate the saying ‘’Children are a blessing, because it is usually said from a place of selfishness,” – Nigerian lady reveals

  • A Nigerian lady has sparked a debate by criticizing the phrase “Children are a blessing” for often being used with selfishness.
  • The lady in an online video argued that most people have children for the wrong reasons.

After declaring that she detests the saying “Children are a blessing” because “it is usually said from a place of selfishness,” a Nigerian woman has ignited a debate.

“The woman contended in an internet video that the majority of people had children for the wrong reasons.

‘’The way I hate that saying ‘’Children are a blessing’. One reason why I hate that saying is because it is gotten from a place of selfishness. They say Children are a blessing because they are thinking of what the children are coming to do for them. For example, people who birth children because they need these children to take care of them in old age, people who birth children with the intention they need them to take care of the other children they intend to birth and lets not forget those that birth children for their legacy and there are people who birth children because they are lonely.

Like I said, kids are a blessing is a saying gotten from a selfish place because folks don’t think about how they will be a blessing to these kids. They only think about how these kids are only going to be a blessing to them.

It is a very disingenuous saying as well because deep down these people do not think all children are a blessing. They only think a child is a blessing when are the ones that have the child” she said

Watch Video below:

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