“I didn’t tell anyone”- Lady who suffered 2 miscarriages shows newborn baby to her family for the first time

A new mother has captured the hearts of many with a video of her family’s response when she informed them about her pregnancy.

The lady had decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from her family and friends until she went to bed.

The TikTok user @thisischioma_x explained why she did not notify her family and friends that she was pregnant.

According to her, she had previously experienced two miscarriages, which motivated her to hide the good news to herself.

In the video, her family members exclaimed with joy as they saw the newborn’s beauty.

The lady’s loving mother-in-law also praised her enthusiastically, referring to her as ‘my golden tomatoes.’

She captioned the video: “POV: You didn’t tell your anyone you were pregnant after having 2 miscarriages.”

The lady’s video on TikTok ignited reactions from netizens who sent in congratulatory messages.

O.n.i.z.evd reacted: “Person be golden tomatoes me I just be spoon.”

@jmjmszn reacted: “May God keep him/her and make you even more. Congratulations Golden Tomatoes.”

Oluwabukolami reacted: “If anybody doesn’t know my mum will she go see am for dream.”

KRIX said: “I love how no one judged you for keeping it a secret they were just praising God.”

Joyce8 reacted: “Congratulations fee na that golden tomatoes sweet me pass.”

MaaAdjooo reacted: “Aww. Congratulations. This is so cuteeeee.”

Muheenah222 said: “The mother in law.”

Forever_genuine said: “This joy is for life.”

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