I caught Mr Ibu’s son sleeping with her

  • The spicy saga in Mr. Ibu’s family keeps unfolding on the social media stage, following accusations from the movie star’s wife directed at their adopted daughter, Jasmine.
  • Now, adding fuel to the fire, Jasmine’s US-Based ex spilled the tea, revealing juicy details about her alleged affair with Mr Ibu’s son,
  • A clip was shared online, captured Jasmine’s ex claiming that she and Mr Ibu’s son sleep with each other

The juicy family saga of the renowned Nigerian actor, John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu, has kicked it up a notch with the twist of Jasmine’s US-Based ex-husband entering the scene.

Flashback to 2022 when Jasmine walked down the aisle, and within a mere nine months, their love story went up in flames, which turned into a public spectacle.

Amidst the swirling accusations of fund mismanagement for the ailing actor, Jasmine’s ex-husband wasted no time clapping back at the claims of her getting cozy with the actor’s second son, Daniel Okafor.

In a video shared on Instagram by celebrity blogger Tosin Silverdam, Jasmine’s ex-hubby spilled the beans on how he’s living in fear for his life, citing concerns involving both her and Mr. Ibu’s son.

Taking it a step further, he didn’t hold back, emphasizing the viral whispers that they’re not just family members but passionate lovers, entwined in a relationship that goes beyond the surface.

He said in part:

“I just want to prove my point that they were sleeping together, I caught them, so if anything happens to me, it’s because of Dan Okafor and Jasmine.” 


This is coming after Daniel Okafor, the second son of Mr Ibu, refuted his stepmother, Stella Maris’ claims about the bank account through which donations were sent.

Recall hitztv reported that the ailing actor came online to solicit help and monetary assistance from the general public regarding his illness.

According to new information, Daniel addressed the allegations about the medical care funds being mismanaged.

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