I can’t date you if you’re not paying me monthly allowance and taking me on luxurious trips — Slay Queen tells men

Slay queen publicly lists out the various criteria required for any man to date her as she brags about her worth.

The pretty lady known as @mrswhite_888 on Tiktok took to the platform to share the various things she expect a man to be able to do for her if he wants to keep remaining her boyfriend.

slay queen monthly allowance
Slay queen.

She revealed that she wants a man who can do the little things for her such as opening the door for her, pulling out a chair for her and getting her flowers.

She added that the man should be able to put her on a monthly allowance without her asking.

Additionally, she insisted that she would want to go on trips and the man would have to sponsor it without her asking him to.

She went on to give advice to women not to allow themselves be too accessible to any man lest they loss value.

paulina_ekua_appiah said: “Make your papa pay you monthly Allowance and buy you Flowers …it’s his responsibility baby”

itskunlereal commented: “We need to start telling people that the brain is an App, maybe they’ll start using it before talking”

off_antoniioo remarked: “Honestly speaking, she no get fault I swear ,na men wey start all this nonsense I blame una go see babe ,una go wan dey prove mumu nonsense big boy to am,after una don con broke ,una go leave the girl make she enter street dey find another mumu like am,what with all this guys self ,nobody says don’t spoil your woman but e go some kind things una no suppose dey do at all,if not fish brain like this girl now no suppose dey talk anything, funniest thing, another werey go still ask her out and paying the mumu money, because punani, shay ogun wan keel una ni,una wan spoil this world finish for the younger generation coming ni”

eight.drive.ceo penned: “Every woman wants these things, but it’s very crass to put it out there like this. Classy thing to do is, be someone who deserves this treatment and then wait till you meet a man who’ll show you without you asking.”

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