“I am not the one that scattered your N100m wedding” -Nancy Iheme hits back at Sandra Iheuwa

Nollywood actress, Nancy Iheme, has strongly responded to Sandra Iheuwa’s recent accusations that she played a role in the breakdown of her marriage to Steve Thompson.

In a now-deleted Instagram story post, Nancy Iheme labeled Sandra an attention seeker and vehemently denied being responsible for the disintegration of Sandra’s 100 million naira wedding.

I am not the one that scattered your 100m wedding” Nancy Iheme hits back at Sandra Iheuwa
Happy birthday to me it’s been one hell of a ride. Photo Credit: @sandraiheuwa Source: Instagram

In her Instagram story, Nancy Iheme fired back at Sandra, urging her to find someone else to blame for her failed marriage and refuting any involvement in the situation.

Nancy made it clear that she believes she is not the sole reason behind the wedding’s collapse, and she questioned Sandra’s motives for seeking attention through these allegations.

I am not the one that scattered your 100m wedding” Nancy Iheme hits back at Sandra Iheuwa
The Glory of God will always shine on me IHEME NANCY CHIDERA. Photo Credit: @ihemenancy Source: Instagram

She wrote;

I can actually sue you and your Ex, till you bring evidence… Thank God you know your ex talks a lot, what makes you think he has gone down with me??? Do you know how many celebrities he once told me he had things with?” 

Stay away from me, no be me break your heart this girl… I still can’t phantom why you are dragging me. I don’t even know you with this man in question. 

“Ain’t gonna speak on this issue again because you are not worth it trust me. Go and lick your wounds and let me be.”

The exchange between Nancy Iheme and Sandra Iheuwa has generated significant buzz and reactions among fans and followers.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Sandra Iheuwa will respond to Nancy Iheme’s strong rebuttal or if the matter will escalate further.


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