“I am Healing” Wema Sepetu Speaks For The First Time On Being Assaulted By Whozu

In the recent days, reports emerged that Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu was assaulted by her boyfriend, singer Whozu.

This is after videos of Wema’s bruised face and hand surfaced online and another of her friends seemingly consoling and comforting her as she was breaking down.

Juma Lokole, a close friend of the couple, was allegedly present when Whozu allegedly descended on Wema and he narrated the events during an interview with Tanzanian digital journalists.

According to him, Whozu assaulted Wema during a photoshoot of his birthday and Ramadhan. This is after he asked Wema to pick his call, and the caller happened to be a woman she suspected was having an affair with him. Wema confronted Whozu about the matter and that is when he lost his cool.

On Friday, while being announced as the brand ambassador of a betting company in Tanzania, she opened up on the matter for the first time saying she was healing.

“I am very fine, mimi niko fine, I am healing,” the actress said as she sought to avoid questions from the vloggers who were not giving her room for escape.

Also at the event, one of the journalists also raised the question but she said that she wouldn’t bring her personal matter in a business event.

“Nadhani leo tutaongea kuhusu hela bet sidhani kwamba personal life sasa hivi inahusu sana mkusanyiko wa leo. Nina imani kubwa watu walikuwa wanadhani leo nitakuja kuongelea maswala yangu personal as you can see we are branded by hela bet, sio branded by Wema Sepetu’s personal life. Kwa hivyo ningependa, mashabiki wanaonipenda na wasionipenda kwa leo siko tayari kuongelea personal life yangu,” she responded.


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