‘I am a mechanic’ – 16-year-old Abia boy with 5 Guinness awards

A 16-year-old Nigerian boy, Vincent Okezie, with five certificates from Guinness World Records is currently a mechanic in Abia state.

Vincent’s story began making the rounds on social media following Hilda Baci’s record breaking cooking marathon at Amore Gardens, Lagos.

Despite being a five times world recorder breaker, Vincent’s life has not changed for the better.

The photos of Vincent was shared on Facebook by a popular Nigerian content creator, Lucky Udu.

Lucky Udu revealed that he confirmed from Vincent’s coach and manager, Chukwuebuka Ezugha to know if he was indeed a world record breaker before posting online.

According to him, Vincent is currently a Mechanic apprentice in Abia.

Here are the five records broken by Vincent:

  • Most consecutive backward handsprings with a football between the legs.
  • Most consecutive passes of a football between the head and soles while balancing on the back of a person (129 passes).
  • Most over and under pass of a football (soccer ball) with feet touching in one minute (team of two).
  • Most transfers of football (soccer balls) spun on the finger in 30 seconds (team of two).
  • Most football (soccer) ‘around the world’ tricks with arms linked (team of two) by Victor Richard Kipo and Vincent Okezie

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