Hurricane Chris Defends Himself Against Artist Who Sampled His Hit: “She Never Involved Me”

They sampled “A Bay Bay,” so Chris used the production on his new track, “My Bay.” Now, Kia & Co. are mad he didn’t put them in the music video.
Things are getting spicy on Instagram between Hurricane Chris and an artist named Kia Bhn. Chris’s “A Bay Bay” is a mid-2000s hit that is a classic record in Hip Hop, and it was recently reimagined with the help of Kia Bhn and Jersey Club. She remixed Hurricane Chris’s track with Toni! Tony! Toné!’s hit “Anniversary” to create the “Jersey Anniversary Remix,” and it’s a blend that has exploded on social media with the help of TikTok. “Jersey Anniversary Remix” is a viral track that has been shared and reshared, but now Kia claims Hurricane Chris has excluded her from business moves.

Here’s where things get slightly complicated: this week, Hurricane Chris released a new song and video for his track “My Bay.” He pulled from Kia Bhn’s production of “Jersey Anniversary Remix” to create something new. However, Kia didn’t appreciate that he didn’t include her or her team in the music video.

In a lengthy statement, Kia said that she and Chris had been in communication for her to feature in the visual. Additionally, they spoke about her hearing his version before it was released, which apparently did occur. Kia admitted that she asked Hurricane Chris to fly her and her crew, including dancers, out to where he was to film the music video, and she claimed he told her he would talk to his team. However, later, she said saw that Chris shared behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot that she didn’t even know had moved forward, so she penned her statement saying she had nothing to do with Chris’s new song or visual.

After screenshots made their way to The Shade Room, Hurricane Chris emerged to defend himself. As far as he was concerned, he did his best to connect, but in the end, they sampled his song without mentioning him at all.

“People will use you to benefit and not include you,” he wrote. “I reached out to her and she was acting funny like I was nobody. She would not even @ me or say it’s me. I posted her and all! She didn’t want to come down for the video, nothing. Go to her page before she try to change it, no respect! I let it be and left it alone.”

“Don’t @ me or speak on me now.. What Changed?? O you wanted to step in to The Shaderoom.. Love to everyone! I’m am blocking all negativity, Yup, I blocked her. Go stream ‘My Bay’ today!”

That wasn’t all he had to say. In an interview with The Shade Room, Chris added:

“They stole my bike, spray painted it, and called it theirs. My mom told me to go get my bike back. Plain and simple. Now they are talking about how they washed it and fixed it up. Tell ’em thanks. And by the way, they never shouted me out when they went viral with my music. I am the creator of ‘A Bay Bay.’… Big Hurricane. I tried to let Lil momma be a part of it, but she started acting weird and giving everybody credit except me, so she got left out. She never involved me, so we even.”

Check out both versions of the song that is at the center of this controversy.

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