How Janemena’s husband allegedly begged her to stop twerking after losing pregnancies

Recent reports have alleged that popular dancer, Janemena has lost pregnancies, and was even advised by her husband to stop twerking.

According to blogger Gistlovers, Jane’s husband allegedly told Jane to stop twerking after losing their child, but she didn’t heed to his advice for a long time.

Gistlovers wrote;

“This is not the first pregnancy Jane is loosing. She lost one sometimes back due to this her waka. Her excuse to you then was that she dances a lot which stressed the pregnancy and made her lose it.

You told her to stop twerking for a while but she listen for two days and resumed work later. Ask her the reason for her constant loosing of pregnancy. My brother you be alora guy. Alora guys are not weakling. Kpokpo must hear am for this one wey em do”.

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