How I used fake ‘juju’ to retrieve my stolen package

An abroad-based Nigerian lady shares her experience on how she got back her stolen package from a thief who fell for her fake juju.

A social media user identified as @the_nnenna took to the X platform to narrate how a neighbour of hers stole her parcel.

According to the lady, she penned a note, threatening to invoke ‘juju’ (charm) on the culprit responsible for moving her package from the mailroom.

Fortunately, the thief saw the note and humbled himself by returning the stolen parcel, even though its original packaging had been taken off the content remained intact.

Taking to the platform to narrate the story, the lady emphasized how her little juju trick restored her missing item while revealing both notes.

“So my package was stolen in my apartment’s mailroom yesterday and I put up these notes all over the building. Guess whose package was dropped at her door this afternoon 😂😂.”

How I used fake 'juju' to retrieve my stolen package - Nigerian lady abroad

“My package was returned but not in the original packaging nor in a shipping box, proof that they stole it. I know I may be doing too much but at least they would know not to move anyhow near me or my stuff 😂😂. I put these thank you notes around to deter others too,” she wrote.


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