How i lost endorsement deals over N400M after my leaked tape – Oxlade shares

Oxlade, a Nigerian musician, speaks out for the first time in two years about the devastation caused by the tape being released online.

Oxlade made waves when his s3x videos leaked into the public realm two years ago.

I lost endorsement deals worth N400M after my leaked videos – Oxlade

In a recent interview with media personality Joey Akan, Oxlade revealed that he lost all of his endorsement deals worth N400 million when his s3x tape was released to the public domain.

According to him, he was being blackmailed because of the s3x recordings, so he was relieved when they were leaked.

He did, however, explain that, in addition to the loss of endorsement deals, the s3x video controversy had an impact on his family, particularly his grandmother, with whom he is extremely close.

Oxlade claimed that businesses canceled him on the grounds that he has a negative effect on the young and children who look up to him.

Watch the video below.

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