“How I caught my ex-boyfriend making out with his ‘mum’ ” – Lady recounts

A lady has recalled how she caught her ex-boyfriend getting intimate with a woman he claims to be his mother.

The lady took to the video-sharing platform, TikTok to share the story with netizens.

"How I caught my ex making out with his mum" – Lady recounts
Lady catches boyfriend making out with mom. Photo credit: iStock. Source: Google.

According to her, she had gone to the kitchen at night to fetch herself a glass of water when he found them making out.

Upon catching them in the act, she revealed that they had tried to convince her otherwise by suggesting that she had been sleepwalking.

“Remembering the time I caught my ex and his mum making out in the kitchen when I went to get a glass of water and they tried to convince me that I was sleep walking but I heard them doing the deed the next night,” she wrote.

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