“How can someone suffers body odour and brain odour?” – Solomon Buchi slams Tacha as he drums support for Mummy Zee

Writer and social commentator Solomon Buchi has defended Mummy Zed and criticised reality TV star Tacha for her actions, which he views as abnormal.

Buchi took to Twitter to criticise Tacha, calling her a pathological waste of time and highlighting Mummy Zee’s happy family life.

Solomon Buchi was blunt when he said that Tacha’s first exposure to the public came from her work as an Instagram call girl, where she regularly flashed her cleavage with a large tattoo of Davido sandwiched between her breasts.

The social media commentator went on to say that Tacha’s problematic behaviour forced her to leave Big Brother and force her to create a GoFundMe page. She also claimed that Tacha had a history of asking her supporters for money.

Buchi responded to Tacha’s assertion that donations from online users drove Mummy Zee’s popularity by releasing screenshots that revealed Tacha begging for money from her own fan base.

He called it a massive tragedy and questioned the legitimacy of someone fighting bodily odour and what he called “brain odour” at the same time.

Solomon Buchi showed contempt for Tacha’s supposed lack of maturity, morals, and class, citing her recent appearances on podcasts as proof of her impolite conduct.

Solomon Buchi criticised Tacha in a since-deleted post for focusing her concerns on Mummy Zee’s entire family, saying that even if there were problems between the two, it was inappropriate to involve her husband and daughter in the conflict.

According to him;

“Mama Zee is happily married with a child. You have been wasting around in waywardness.

Your earliest introduction into fame was a semblance of being an I call girl, hawking your bbs online with a shameless tattoo of Davido plastered in between your boobs.

Not until you became a BB dropout because of the same hadlum attitude, and opened a GOFUNDME to beg, and now you’re on podcasts being so rezz and uncouth. Not one ounce of class! Not one ounce of morality. Not ounce of maturity.

How can someone suffer body od@sir and also brain odcsir? Colossal disaster.

Nothing warranted you bullying a WHOLE family because of your ugly heart. Even if Mummy Zee offended you, why drag her husband and daughter?

I honestly hate witnessing this level of vile@ess.”

See below;

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