How Burna Boy inspired me – Seyi Vibez

  • Seyi Vibez revealed that Burna Boy has always urged him to keep moving forward regardless of whatever situation he finds himself in.
  • He stated that Burna Boy’s advice inspired him  to always be strong in his music career and his other endeavors.

Seyi Vibez, the rising Nigerian music sensation, reveals how the award-winning artist Burna Boy has been a major source of inspiration in his musical journey.

Seyi Vibez shared how Burna Boy’s authenticity, unique sound, and impactful lyrics have influenced and motivated him to carve out his own path in the music industry.

In an interview with The Reprezent Podcast, the singer revealed that Burna Boy has always encouraged him to keep going forward and not to complain about the circumstances of life.

He also stated that Burna Boy’s guidance encouraged him to “show no sign of weakness” in his music career and other undertakings.

Seyi Vibez said:

“The advice that Burna Boy gave me that always stayed with me is don’t complain, just believe, show no sign of weakness, and keep moving.

“He always told me that: ‘Show no sign of weakness, bro. Keep moving.’ Yeah, that’s it.”

In another news, Seyi Vibez snubs Salo as he ascends stage to beg him days after dragging him .

Street-hop artiste, Seyi Vibez has stirred a range of reactions online after he ignored the controversial Ibadan-based influencer, Oba Salo, who was pleading with him during a live performance on stage, just days after Seyi Vibez had generously gifted him a substantial amount of money.

Seyi Vibez had requested the account details of DJ Chicken and Oba Salo, subsequently gifting them five million naira and ten million naira respectively.

While both TikTok stars initially expressed joy over the gifts, they later questioned the source of the singer’s wealth. DJ Chicken complained that the money was being enough, and Oba Salo, harbouring doubts about its legitimacy, questioned whether Seyi Vibez intended to use the money as an instrument to strike him down with sickness.

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