How a ‘friend’ attempted to have me k!lled after my 30th birthday – Portable reveals

  • Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikola Badmus, known as Portable, reportedly escaped an attempted murder attempt just a day after his birthday.
  • Tony Montana shared a heartbreaking story on Instagram about a close friend being sent to end his life.
  • The video reveals that a person was sent to kill him on the day after his 30th birthday, Tuesday, March 12.
How a ‘friend’ attempted to have me k!lled after my 30th birthday – Portable reveals

Habeeb Okikola Badmus known as Portable, a popular Nigerian artist, reportedly averted a murder attempt just one day after his birthday.

The Tony Montana singer turned to Instagram Stories to inform fans how a close friend was dispatched to take his life.

In the video, Portable explained that someone was dispatched to kill him on the day following his 30th birthday, Tuesday, March 12.

He went on to caution netizens not to reveal the key of their success, as they would want to take it away.The Zazu crooner also thanked God for protecting him and his family.

According to the musician, he was being monitored before the assailant took corners to enter his residence.

Portable questioned how the intruder was able to enter his home without his dogs howling to alarm him. The singer stated that the individual employed ‘dark magic’ to get entry without being detected.

Not stopping there, Portable explained that the killer was attempting to enter a specific room, believing it to be the room containing the secret to his success, but the person didn’t realise the room was one he wasn’t supposed to enter, which is how the killer ended up in heaven.

Portable begged people not to kill or hurt their helpers. He explained that he purchased the tools used by the alleged killer to feed his family. In Yoruba Portable stated:

“He used ‘shalanga’ pit latrine to get to heaven, Infact he went to hell, not heaven.”

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