Housewife sets husband’s house ablaze for refusing to divorce her

Amina Hassan, a 20-year-old lady from Adamawa state, set fire to her husband’s house because he refused to divorce her.

The housewife, who is from Shuware in Adamawa’s Mubi North local government region, married Muhammed Auwal about five weeks ago.

Amina stated that they made a pre-wedding agreement for him to divorce her soon after their marriage ceremony.

Suleiman Nguroje, a police public relations officer, claimed the woman told officers that Auwal began hitting her when she insisted on getting the divorce, so she set fire to the house in rage.

“We made an arrangement that he would divorce me after the marriage. I met him and pleaded with him to divorce me, but he remained adamant.

He descended on me and started beating me instead of divorcing me, as a result of which I lost my temper and set the house ablaze,” Amina told police investigators.

Amina had also notified her parents a few days before the wedding that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

They were claimed to have persisted on the wedding arrangements and warned her there was no going back because invitation cards had already been sent.

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