“He’s acting like a baby” Chomzy shows off her boyfriend

  • Chomzy shared a moment with her boyfriend on her Instagram story that has gained a lot of comments from fans and followers.
  • In the video, Chomzy was seen cuddling her man warmly, a gesture that Netizens misinterpreted as him acting like a baby.
  • Some commenters noted that Chomzy was acting more like the man in the relationship

Fans of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, have expressed mixed reactions as former participant Chomzy shared adorable photos of herself with her boyfriend on his birthday.

Chomzy posted a moment on her Instagram story that sparked a range of reactions from followers and fans.

Chomzy seemed completely besotted with her beau as the duo celebrated the special occasion in style.

Some internet users mistook Chomzy’s boyfriend’s affectionate embrace and head resting on her bossom as him acting like a baby.

Their public display of affection sparked a flurry of comments, turning the spotlight on their relationship and leaving fans worried about the kind of intimate relationship the couple have.

One commenter wrote: “When a man loves a woman, that’s how he acts,”

Another onlooker saw a gender reversal, pointing out that Chomzy was acting more like the man in the relationship while her lover was acting more like a woman.

One Kourtney banks wrote: her boyfriend, why is he behaving like a man, whereas Chomzy acting like the man

In another story, BBNaija’s Chomzy shocks fans with her desire in a relationship

Big Brother Naija season 7 alum cum brand influencer, Chioma Ndubueze, aka Chomzy has overshared an intimate detail about her sex drive.

Taking to her Instagram page

Taking to her Instagram page on Friday, January 6, the reality TV star disclosed that her sex drive is high and she’s always in the mood for intercourse. She wrote:

My sex drive is high as hell. If we dating and you wonder if I’m in the mood, I am. I always am. Let’s do it”.

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