“Her type is rare” – Woman celebrates maid who has been with her for 10 years, plans to promote her to manager

Passy Ma Travor, a Nairobi-based woman, took to social media to express her profound gratitude and celebrate the remarkable journey shared with her dedicated house maid of 10years.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Passy recounted the challenging times her family faced, including financial struggles that left them without food and months without pay.

“This gal has been with us through it all, from the days we would go without food, the many months she would go without pay, but she trusted one day things would be different,” Passy wrote.

Despite facing financial constraints that led to the termination of her househelp’s services when Passy’s son Travor joined boarding school, fate had a different plan.

Woman celebrates maid who has been with her for 10 years, plans to promote her to manager

In 2020, when Passy welcomed her latest addition to the family, baby Nyambu, the need for assistance arose once again.

Passy reached out to her former househelp, who, jokingly thinking Passy had another baby, accepted the offer and returned to work for the Travor family, much to everyone’s surprise.

Passy highlighted the positive changes since her househelp’s return, including a move to a better environment, improved living conditions, and a more stable life.

The celebratory post emphasized the vital role the maid plays in running the household, ensuring everything runs smoothly even in her absence.

Expressing admiration for the househelp’s caring nature, Passy cited instances such as her dedication to Passy’s well-being, particularly during a difficult time of recovery at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Passy went on to describe the househelp as an integral part of her family, the best aunt to her children, and the controller of the remote who starts each day with Kamba music and keeps Passy updated on the latest songs and celebrity news.

“I can write a book about this gal, but today I’ll just celebrate her because she is part of my family, the best aunty to my kids, the controller of the remote this one wakes me up with Kamba music every single morning and updates me on every new song on YouTube not forgetting celebrities updates, the woman said in part.

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