Heartbroken lady finds out man she met on dating app is married

A heartbroken lady has shared a shocking experience of how she found out that a man she met on a dating app was married.

Lady finds out man she met on dating app is married

The lady revealed that she had met the man via a dating app. They had been talking for months. She goes to the Nigerian embassy for her passport renewal.

She spots the same man she had been talking to on the dating app with his wife and kids. Although guilty, he locks eyes with her and dishes out a smile, knowing what he had done.

She wrote:

β€œMet this guy on a dating app, been chatting closely for months. Only to visit the Nigerian embassy for passport renewal, and I saw this guy walk in carrying his son(3-5 years) and his wife carrying a newborn.

I kept looking to be sure it was him, confirmed it was in when he took off his jacket and saw the exact T-shirt he had on, on one of his profile pictures.

Our eyes locked, and after realising it was me, there was this cheeky smile like β€œfuck up”…. Why do men do these things, I can’t can it!!! There are girls who will date married men but hide that an essential part of your life is EVIL… Days now I haven’t heard β€œPIM” from him.”

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