“He waited till marriage despite temptations” – Veekee James reveals her spouse green flag

  • Veekee James, a renowned fashion designer, believes her husband, Femi, is the right man for her due to their no sex before marriage policy.
  • The couple recently got married in a grand ceremony in Lagos, which attracted numerous national dignitaries.
  • In a TikTok video, she highlighted the top 10 qualities she found admirable in her husband, @veekeejames.
"Officially Mrs Atere": Fashion Designer Veekee James overjoyed as she finally weds lover

Well-known fashion designer Veekee James claims that because her husband Femi supported her policy of not having sex before marriage, she felt he was the ideal man for her.

The pair recently got married in Lagos at a lavish wedding that drew in a large number ofΒ celebrities.

On her @veekeejames Tiktok page, she uploaded a video in which she listed the ten characteristics of her husband that most impressed her.

In addition to being the most modest man she has ever met, she claimed that he had given her so much peace.

Extending the list, she mentioned that he is friendly to everyone, not just her, and that he enjoys eating a lot and taking anything she gives him.

Veekee James says he sends her flowers as if her life depended on it and is very deliberate about showing her concern.

He is her biggest supporter and constantly wants her to succeed because he knows how successful she is in the fashion world.

Concluding the list, she mentioned that he captured flawless images of her and that his love for her is a reflection of God’s love.

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