He should be released after 19-yrs social media has been quiet since Verydarkman’s arrest – Nigerian lady

Mirabel, a Nigerian lady, has asked the federal government to put notorious activist VeryDarkMan in custody for another 19 years.

According to her, his detention has resulted in a markedly quieter social media environment.

She requested the authorities not to release him until he was 19 years old, when Mohbad’s son would be old enough to sue the activist for his abuse of his mother.

The internet star feels that VeryDarkMan deserves his present treatment because he typically comes online to criticize others.

She stated that he had the guts to insult the Nigerian government, but he did not get away with it.

Here are some reactions to her video below;

nuellajonathan wrote: “Never for once did I know I would support mirabel decision 😂🤭 Go gurlll”

koko_barbz stated: “1.3 Million followers only 3 came out to protest his arrest 😂 social media fake af”

babygirl_ forlife said: “From UK to JAIL 😂😂Mohbad You Do This One 💡🕊️”

p.a.n.y.a_ claimed: “You Nigerians deserve the kind of leaders you get. So because of Mohbad he should be locked up. It is quite sad that there’s so much senselessness coming from on person.”

See Video Below;

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