“He hasn’t put a ring on your finger” – Lady defends self after getting pregnant for bestie’s boyfriend

A lady by the name Toyin has recounted how her close friend betrayed her by getting pregnant for her boyfriend.

Toyin shared the unpleasant experience while reacting to a Twitter post prompting netizens to share their worst betrayal experience.

"He hasn't put a ring on your finger" – Lady defends self after getting pregnant bestie's boyfriend An embittered Toyin with the Twitter account @Ebonygold1645 revealed that she had housed her friend and cared for her needs but in repayment, her friend slept with her man and got pregnant.

When she queried her friend about the betrayal, she justified her action by saying that he hasn’t engaged her yet.

Toyin added that the same supposed friend had allegedly taken her clothes to native doctor for some evil purpose.

Toyin wrote:

“Fxxxed my guy, got pregnant for him, told me after all he hasn’t put a ring on my finger, of which she was living under my roof, no job, nothing. Took my dress and picture to a native doctor to harm me, but God used her kid’ sister in my favour.”

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