“He can destroy a room in 20 seconds”

A Nigerian mother has shared why she tied the legs of her young son, who has been scattering the house since he started to walk.

According to the mother, she has not enjoyed tranquility in her home since her son began walking independently.

The mother, known on TikTok as @kingdike1, posted a video showing her baby’s leg tied with a wrapper.

"He can destroy a room in 20 seconds" - Mother gives reason for tying legs of his son who started walking
Babying walking by himself. source: Google photos

She admitted to tying his leg with a wrapper to make movement around difficult for him. The baby can be seen in the video attempting to move from where he is tied.

She wrote, “Since this boy started walking I have not had peace. He can destroy a room in 20 seconds.” 


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