“He abandoned us” – Lady who claims to be Kiriku’s sister cries out; Skit maker reacts

A viral clip of a young girl calling out skit maker Kiriku has stirred reactions on social media as she made different claims.

The girl, who introduced herself as Kiriku’s mum’s first daughter alleged that the skit maker abandon the family after he became rich and famous.

While appealing to him to return home, she urged him to return home to buy a car for their ‘dad.’

In her words:

“I don’t what we did to him. He left us for the past few years. I am the first daughter of his family. He is my mummy’s last born. He just abandon us for no reason. He has been following umbrella boy since he became famous. He has not been asking about us. The man he bought car for his Umbrella Boy’s dad, he is not my dad. He should come and buy car for my dad.”


Reacting, Kiriku shared photos of himself with his family members and described the video as fake.

He wrote;

“You All meet MR& MRS ENORENSE my biological parents @de_umbrellaboy_ my elder blood brother.

He is the first son of my parents Kiriku number 1 troublesmally of the house (as the last bornof my parents) please Disclaimer the trending video on tiktok”




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