“Hawa Wanakulana!” Netizens React As Photographer Sp@nks Jackie Matubia’s Huge Derriere

“Hii imeenda! Sasa hamwezi ni convince!” Jackie Matubia’s actions have once again ignited speculation surrounding her romantic life, with celebrity photographer Muma Pix.

A recent video shared on her Instagram page has fueled rumors of a budding relationship between the two personalities.

In the video, Matubia can be seen setting up a dinner table, dressed casually in a vest and shorts. As she adjusts the decorations, Muma Pix enters the frame, appearing to casually walk past her. However, he suddenly stops, and the atmosphere takes a surprising turn.

A group of edited video act onlookers, urge Muma Pix not to pass by Matubia without playfully slapping her backside. Succumbing to the peer pressure, Muma Pix reverses his steps and lightly taps Matubia’s backside. She pauses her activity, turning to look at him with a mixture of surprise and amusement.

The brief but telling interaction captured in the video has sparked speculation among Kenyans, with many interpreting the playful exchange as a sign of a deeper connection between Matubia and Muma Pix beyond their professional collaboration.

This isn’t the first time the pair has been at the center of relationship rumors, as their frequent appearances together on social media and public events have often fueled speculation about their romantic involvement.

While Matubia and Muma Pix have yet to confirm or deny the nature of their relationship, the video has certainly left fans and followers intrigued, eagerly speculating about the status of their bond.

Only time will tell whether Matubia and Muma Pix will address the rumors head-on or let their actions speak for themselves.

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