Have Your Parents Ever Attempted To Match Make You? (Share Your Experience)

My mother has a very good friend. The woman adores me because I am a boy, and she does not have a male child, so she regards me highly. My senior, my age mate, and my juniors are among her five daughters.
Since I returned back from school after my final exam, the respect is becoming too much, my mom started complaining about me being single and her friend becoming friendlier.

Her third daughter just graduated too, and my mom is trying everything for two of us to date.

Recently, they started chatting me up frequently and I discovered she is not my spec.

She is this spiritual and religious Bible kind of girl, and I am a liberal.

When I told her that I am not spiritual nor religious, I can see the shock on her face.

She doesn’t wear trousers, no earrings or necklace, a very decent girl by the appearance of course, and that’s the kind of girl I want.

She is even complaining that I am too unstable because I am always travelling every now and then and she doesn’t like it.

I am not ready for any relationship right now, and I don’t want any relationship that involves two families.

I will get a girlfriend for myself whenever I am ready.

So I told my mom to bury that thought, it won’t happen and she said I am too stubborn and rebellious and radical, I smiled and said nothing.

So has your parents ever try to match make you with anyone before?

To all the Naijaloadite reading this now, has this ever happened to you?

Please Share Your Experience.

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