“Happy birthday to me”; Enioluwa breaks silence following a trending video where he is being alleged to be an adult star


In his most recent social media post, popular Instagram influencer Eniolwa responds all after a trending video in which he is accused of being an adult star.

Enioluwa is now trending on popular microblogging site X as a consequence of a viral photo and video.

The photo shows a man on top of Eniola’s replica and by extension rumour started flowing that the Instagram influencer is an adult star.

While others disputed, claiming that he is not Eniola but rather a male who looks just like him, others argue that he is Eniola, citing the fact that he is a man who usually wears lip gloss like a woman.

Moment later, the adult star in the viral video made it known to everyone that it is not Eniola rather it is him who is an adult star in the USA. He also urged netizens to stop harassing Eniola.

In his words; “Nigerians you all should Stop Harassing Eni Oluwa, he is not the one in the trending video, The photo was screenshoted from my own video, they just found a perfect angle, whoever is circulating it is Just Trying to ruin Eni Oluwa’s Life.”

Reacting to this, Enioluwa shared a video of him via the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page engaging in a fake birthday celebration.

Enioluwa was born on July 6, 1999 and will clock 25-year-old this year.

Watch the video below;

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