“Hamna Kesi” Willy Paul Denies Having Beef With Bahati And Diana Marua

Willy Paul has denied claims of not being in good terms with Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

In an interview at Radio Citizen, the former gospel singer adamantly said that he is brothers with Bahati and their can never be any friction between them, considering their history as gospel singers.

Willy Paul added that there is no ongoing court case between him and The Bahati’s. He also revealed that he is not close with Diana, who previously accused him of trying to assault her sexually before she was married to Bahati.

“Sijawahikuwa na tofauti na huyo kijana hata kidogo. Yeye ako na tofauti na yeye mwenyewe. Kesi gani hio? Hamna kesi. Mimi niko hapa nala bata. Hamna beef, huyo ni ndugu yangu unakuaje na beef na ndugu yako? Mmekuwa kanisa pamoja.

“Mke wake we are not close,” Willy Paul said.

Willy Paul was dramatically arrested in March in what relation to cyber bullying charges that Diana Marua had allegedly filed against him.

Bahati was captured visiting the police station that he was being held in.

Also in the interview the radio station, Willy Paul opened up about his personal life, revealing that he has two children with different baby mamas. Following advise from Willy Tuva, he said that he will work on his relationship with one of his baby mamas so that they could settle down.

At the same time, he denied being in a relationship with TikToker Ikoh, saying that they are usually just creating content.

“Sahi kudate ni maji na stima,” the singer said

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