Group of divorced women welcome new member with party (Video)

The initiation of a new member by a group of divorced women, who celebrate under the banner ‘End of an Error’ causes a stir.

The divorced women’s group is said to be based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and their slogan is ‘I do, I did, and I’m done.’

Group of divorced women welcome new member with party (Video)

The widely circulated video shows the women celebrating the arrival of a new member with whom they threw a celebratory feast with music and cake.

The initiation has since sparked mixed reactions on social media; many applauded the zeal to exit the supposed toxic marriage.

See some reactions below …

@Dami4Change wrote: “Happiness is free But if the divorce was attributed to infidelity not domestic violence, no be mostly married men go still knack them?”

@AdebowaleShogb3 penned: “Since it’s in Portharcourt bro forget it. those you’re seeing now are just few .many of them are still inside their husbands house ,but not married.”

@smileyoder noted: “After all is said and done. Coping with midlife crisis after the hectic divorce proceedings I’m guessing is no easy task.”

@YomiOtebolaku stated: “Beautiful…there is life without marriage!”

@Lekzy_vendor: “Them dey happy for camera.. them dey sad inside room”

@Siadeyemi wrote: “They are only an advertisement for young jigolos. The pain they are hiding is obvious.”

Watch the video below …

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