Grand P Appointed As Guinea Ambassador To Mali

Grand P Appointed As Guinea Ambassador To Mali By Coup Leader

Guinea’s military junta has appointed Grand P as a diplomat to serve in neighbouring Mali.

Grand P through his Facebook page announced that colonel Mamadi Doumbuya, who holds the position of interim president following the government coup several months ago, appointed him as a cultural ambassador to the neighbouring country of Mali.

“Thank you to Mr. Interim President 🇬🇳 for considering 💪Mali and Guinea are two lungs of one body. All the honor for me to represent my country as a cultural ambassador in the brother country #Mali🇲🇱 collaborating with the Honorable President of the Republic of Guinea,” Grand P wrote.

According to information from the national tourism board of Guinea, the Honorable Colonel Mamadi Doumbuya, the Interim President, gave Grand P a diplomatic passport for his work as the country’s cultural ambassador to Mali.

Grand P thanked the Director General and emphasized his commitment to work for the promotion of Culture and Guinea as a tourist destination.

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