“God when?” – Pastor Bolaji Blushes Hard as Veekee James and Femi Finally Kiss at White Wedding

Popular Nigerian designer Veekee James and her husband Femi’s white wedding has dominated social media.

A variety of recordings from the historic event circulated online, with bystanders recording and posting some of the ceremony’s highlights.

One of them depicts the tender moment Veekee James and Femi exchanged their first kiss as a married couple.

The officiating minister, Pastor Bolaji Idowu of Harvesters Church, had indicated that the groom might kiss the bride, unaware that it would be met with much fuss.

The couple’s thrilled pals were heard begging for a makeup artist to supply lipgloss for the groom’s lips while Veekee James blushed.

The best man also started to wipe off sweat from the groom’s face and also massage his back in preparation for the special kiss.

See the funny video below:  

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