Go back to your husband- Cecilia Marfo grabs mic from Joyce Blessing during live performance

Cecilia Marfo, at the Unity Group of Companies’ yearly worship program, interrupted Joyce Blessing’s ministration, and this has got much talking.

From the video, the gospel musician and evangelist, during Joyce Blessing’s ministration, stopped her in her tracks and spoke about her marriage.

Grabbing the microphone right before she could start her song, Cecilia, in what looked like a prophecy, asked Joyce to go back to her marriage.

Joyce Blessing and her estranged husband Dave Joy are looking to get a divorce allegedly because the singer was involved in an extramarital affair.

However, Cecilia Marfo ordered the band to stop playing and said, “My daughter, if you will listen to me, go back and take your marriage. I called you with love, and so you should know the life you have is not yours.“

“I’ve made you a Queen, so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already. Lady, go and take your husband; my spirit is using you,” she added.

Meanwhile, sources claim that Joyce Blessing’s management is not happy with what they consider a humiliation in front of the masses gathered at the Thanksgiving event, and have demanded an apology from Cecilia.

It could be recalled that a similar incident happened with another gospel singer, Brother Sammy as a video showed Cecilia Marfo giving him several slaps at a worship event and cautioning him to desist from evil.

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