“Go and buy foodstuffs now”

A Nigerian prophet identified as Abel Boma has advised people to stock their houses with foodstuffs as he shared the revelation he got.

According to the popular prophet, there will be a total blackout and when it happens, things will become more expensive.

He advised fellow Nigerians all over the world to stock up their houses with things they would need against May 29th.

In his words:

“I’m saying this, buy stuff and keep it at home. The power holding companies will have a blackout, there is a plan, they will have a blackout and when they have that blackout they will increase a lot of things.

“Things will be so expensive so that when you are in the place of protest, you won’t be able to buy and you won’t be able to eat.

“Fuel will increase again, the dollar rate will be higher again then the banking system will start shaking in the next few days.”

Watch the video below:

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