“Girl standing on business” – Little girl breaks down in tears as her father instructs her to cry in order to win $10k

  • A young girl’s emotional outburst following her father’s advice to cry for $10,000 won her significant social media attention.
  • A video titled “Make yourself cry for 10k” shows a woman lying on her father’s bed while she rests on him.

Many people were drawn to a young girl on social media when she suddenly started crying after her father told her to cry in order to win $10,000.

A video of this incident with thecaption, “Make yourself cry for 10k.”Her father was shown in the video lying on the bed as she lay down on top of him.

“Make yourself cry for 10,000 dollars,” he was heard saying, and the young girl immediately scowled and began to cry.

Social media users were prompted to voice their opinions in the post’s comment section after seeing the small girl’s activities.

See some reactions below: 

James Samuel: “Cash app the baby quickly!!!!”

Enom: “l wanted to laugh but our house girl hasn’t seen her period yet.”

thereal_picasso21: “She had to think about a sad situation first.”

Shaunterica Morris: “Man that baby trying to help yall get them bills paid.”


Rina Badd: “Somebody call the agents she ready for show biz Godbless lol.

Awezaye ❤️🌸: “Mady knew who she was from a very early age : a girl standing on business.”

Shazzy The Queen: “The cry even sounds like “it’s my money and I want it now”

Watch Video:

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