Ghanaians come for Benedicta Gafah after new video shows her with smaller backside

The actress is known to be one of the most shapely females in show business but a new video may just prove that her curves may be a facade.

In a new video shared on her Instagram page, the gorgeous presenter was seen in a black blouse and a transparent champagne gold trousers.

The Kumawood actress’ huge backside seemed to have dwindled and netizens believe she wasn’t wearing any hip and butt pads this time.

Netizens believe that like a lot of the many female celebrities, Benedicta’s shape is supported with waist and butt pads.


Many on social media have criticized her for her look in this new video claiming that what is seen is her actual body.

Some also believe that whether the famous celebrity has intentionally trimmed down or her curves were never real, it is her body and her decision to choose how she looks.

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