From podcast to podium, women are told to perform tricks to get a man – Zainab Balogun rants

  • Zainab Balogun has warned co-women to be mindful of the things they read online when it pertains to them.
  • Questioning why women have been reduced to only their physical appearance and nothing deep, the thespian said she is tired of women being constant subjects.
  • Balogun added that some people who are guilty of the aforementioned do so to profit monetarily off it.

Nigerian actress, Zainab Balogun has lamented the constant advice given to women to perform tricks and change themselves just to get a man.

She stated that women are being reduced to what to wear, and how to act for them to get a man.

The movie star appealed to women to be mindful of the online content they consume and urged people to stop influencing the performative nature of womanhood.

Zainab Balogun added that these discussions which arise from either podcasts to church podiums, shouldn’t be taken seriously because many of them use it to chase clout and get paid. She wrote on Instagram:

“From podcast to podium, women are being told to perform tricks to get a man for the sake of ‘just get him!’ We’re in a simulation.”

“I’m tired of women constantly being the viral subject—what to wear, how to act, how to show up, the perfect body? I tweeted this after watching yet another video telling women how to attract a man, specifically advising hiding the natural state of one’s hair. Please be mindful of the content you consume; some exploit sensitive issues for profit with banter.

“Let’s stop influencing the performative nature of womanhood.”

In a similar post, Nigerian singer, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has given reasons why people should stop taking dating advice on social media.

Taking to his Instagram story, Harrysong noted that such advice comes from a content creator who is “hustling.”

He explained that these content creators themselves also need help in their own relationships as well as to make ends meet.

Sighting an example, Harrysong questioned why a married woman would abandon her husband for cheating on her in order to become the side chick to another married man.

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