“From head to toe, 10 over 10” – Teni comes up with a song, ‘Clap for yourself,’ for her hard-working hair stylist

Teniola Apata, a.k.a. Teni, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer. She made her hardworking hair stylist cry by composing a song to show her appreciation.

The female artist was spotted sitting calmly and holding her phone to reveal the face of her stunning hair stylist in a recent video that went viral on the internet.

Teni was heard remarking that her hair stylist is a lady who deserves more and that she works really hard.

The hairdresser approved when she continued to tell her that she wanted to compose a song.

Teni soon began singing with her enchanting voice, a beautiful song describing her hair stylist as beautiful and ten out of ten.

Many social media users were drawn to the lovely song and the scene, and they took to the post’s comment page to voice their opinions.

View a few responses below:

AB Karpeh: “It’s actually nice, make it as a song and blow up.”

Owos MR_luxury: “Teni wait toast me first I wan see something e be like say your mouth 👄 sweet pass man own.”

amujeeb27: “Some ladies are watching this video without wearing pants.”

noahfridaynice: “teni thanks for posting her,,may God 🙏🙏 bless,,u fine everything 10 over 10.”

Joylove273: “Lolz I just dey gbadun this Teni vibe sah.”

Coto Keezy: “Dis thing called music nor jus hard for you boss lady.”

BOLD STEPS 🤍💙☠️💀: “increase her salary nah.”

Sammy: “the day I go teni one or one, I will run, hug her and if possible kiss her. I too like her.”

God I beg: “Like play like play she don blow people go they patronise her …that girl should appreciate teni oo bcz alot of people they find this kind opportunity an they no see.”

ridexnajeem: “Only people that understand ‘Life’ will behave like Temi…You too much Ma’am.”

EMRICH: “@tenitheentertainer this is what we call love; appreciating someone or self. Please make this a song for us Teni, I’m just listing over and over.”

Kenny_shugaberrie: “who always say this Teni is not beautiful..she fine over.”

Jacob BANKz: “thanks for the amebo, we all na jacky.”

AB Karpeh: “It’s actually nice, make it as a song and blow up.”

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