Frodd fumes, tackles man in Hanks Anuku’s viral video for allegedly making fun of actor

  • BBNaija’s Frodd speaks on the viral video of actor, Hanks Anuku at a fueling station.
  • Expressing resentment, Frodd tackled the videographer for allegedly making caricature of Hanks Anuku during their encounter and filming the scene.
  • Frodd claimed that the man took advantage of Anuku’s vulnerability.

Reality TV star, Frodd has spoken on the viral footage of Hanks Anuku which has been trending online lately.

hitztv reported that Hanks Anuku was recently spotted at a fueling station ranting.

In the video, the man who filmed the scene further engaged Hanks Anuku in the conversation causing the actor to talk even more.

However, towards the end of the video, he spoke in Igbo language, stating that the ‘actor is gone’.

This behaviour exhibited by the man triggered Frodd who claimed that the man was making fun of Hanks Anuku with a camera on his face too.

Venting, Frodd noted that the man is lucky that he isn’t Hanks Anuku’s son. He disclosed the man simply took advantage of the actor’s vulnerability.

Writing, he wrote:

“The problem is the man making a caricature of him and also have a camera on his face ( that is too wild to do ) taking advantage of his vulnerability… lucky you that I am not his son 😞”

See the screenshot below:

See video below:

Reacting to the comment, One @giverofall wrote: “@callme_frodd that is not the issue, he is trying to let the world know his true condition.”

richyrichyjay wrote: @callme_frodd you sure say you fit beat the man wey Dey video one on one 😂

mr_waju01 wrote: “@callme_frodd keep quiet, Una Igbo community no go come together carry am go rehab or find way to help am now when he de alive, you de hear de talk another thing. If he die finish now Una go de type rubbish legend up and down, de donate rubbish money wey no go get use again. Mugu!”

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