“Football and pidgin English works hand in hand” – Pastor interrupts his sermon to celebrate Nigeria’s victory against South Africa

  • A video of a Nigerian pastor interrupting his sermon to celebrate Nigeria’s victory against South Africa has surfaced online, showcasing the significant role of sport in uniting Nigerians.
  • Nigeria’s Super Eagles advance to the AFCON final after defeating South Africa’s Bafana Bafana on penalties in the semi-final on February 7th, 2024.
  • A pastor’s video of celebrating while preaching to his church members has sparked reactions on social media among Nigerian celebrities, politicians, and socialites.
"Football and pidgin English works hand in hand" - Pastor interrupts his sermon to celebrate Nigeria's victory against South Africa

Given that a video of a Nigerian pastor stopping his sermon to celebrate his country’s victory against South Africa went viral online, it is evident that sports are a big activity that brings Nigerians together.

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the Super Eagles of Nigeria made their nation proud by defeating Bafana Bafana of South Africa on penalties in the semi-final and moving on to the final of the ongoing AFCON in Ivory Coast.

Videos of Nigerians celebrating—celebrities, politicians, socialites, and others—have been all over the internet, but a pastor’s celebration during a sermon to his church’s congregation has sparked debate on social media.

In the video, the pastor draws attention to his natural switch to pidgin during his sermon. He then asks a member if the Nigerian Super Eagles have scored.

The pastor joined the celebrations after confirming that the Super Eagles of Nigeria had scored, asking for a “glory break” while sprinting across the pulpit.

As was to be expected, the video sparked a variety of responses on social media. Some praised the pastor, while others chastised them for rejoicing within the church while still experiencing God’s presence.

Watch Video below:

See reactions below:

arianakiddies:  Football and pidgin English works hand in hand, you will never enjoy it with British English .

culturejosh: Whatever u are doing or going through in life always remember to take a glory break.. if na that word I learn today I’m good.. #GLORYBREAK.

mheenarh__:  On that Wednesday everybody was just happy to be a Nigerian, nobody remembered tribe or religion Everywhere sweet.

chris_esomch:  I didn’t watch the match as well… I was in the Church and couldn’t concentrate 100%. Once I see anyone pressing phone I’ll ask them scores please. Immediately I got the information I was revitalized and the earth was without form and voide.

lazfranklin71:He play bet nothing you wan tell me .

luchy_collections:  Just wow!!!! And they called God not God calling them, because how can you be deep in the word and still put your mind in other things, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t serve 2 masters at a time, choose wisely.

mathmac247: Jesus and his father the God of Abraham has been officially confirmed as jokes .

springflowproperties: Pastor may your ministry continue to flourish.you made us happy

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